Chef’s Special Roll

-Brown rice available-

  • Rainbow Roll

    • 11.95

    Crab, avocado & cucumber inside, assorted fish & fish roe on top.

    Rainbow Roll
  • Fire Dragon Roll

    • 12.95

    Shrimp tempura & cucumber inside, spicy tuna , crunch & fish roe on top with spicy mayo and eel sauce.

    Fire Dragon Roll
  • Summer Roll (NO RICE)

    • 12.50

    Salmon, tuna, crabstick, avocado & tobiko rolled with cucumber sheet in ponzu sauce

    Summer Roll (NO RICE)
  • Crazy Friday Roll

    • 14.95

    Shrimp tempura, cucumber inside, avocado and lobster salad on top.

    Crazy Friday Roll
  • Green Dragon Roll

    • 11.95

    Eel & mango inside, avocado on top.

    Green Dragon Roll
  • Fantastic Roll

    • 15.95

    Tuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado and cucumber in soy paper.

    Fantastic Roll
  • Pink Lady Roll

    • 13.95

    Shrimp tempura, spicy salmon & cucumber in soy paper.

    Pink Lady Roll
  • Black Angel Roll

    • 14.95

    Pepper tuna, crunch and cucumber inside, eel avocado and smoked salmon on top with crunch scallion, tobiko, eel sauce and wasabi mayo

    Black Angel Roll
  • K. O. P. Roll

    • 15.95

    Lobster salad, crunch, tuna, avocado, mango, tobiko wrapped w/ soy paper.

    K. O. P. Roll
  • Godzilla Roll

    • 16.95

    Fried soft shell crab, cucumber & avocado inside, tuna & eel on top.

    Godzilla Roll
  • Dinosaur Roll

    • 8.95

    Tempura spicy tuna, tobiko, scallion, eel sauce & spicy mayo

    Dinosaur Roll
  • Main Line Roll

    • 14.95

    Spicy salmon, crunch inside, tuna & yellow tail on top with scallion & tobiko.

    Main Line Roll
  • Paradise Roll

    • 15.95

    King crab, mango, tobiko,cucumber, field green & avocado wrapped with soy paper and topped with yuzu aioli.

    Paradise Roll
  • Tuna Lovers Roll

    • 14.95

    White tuna, pepper tuna and jalapeño inside, topped with spicy tuna, crunch, fish roe &spicy mayo.

    Tuna Lovers Roll
  • Spice Girl Roll

    • 12.95

    Spicy Crab, Crunch & mango inside, salmon & avocado on top with spicy mayo.

    Spice Girl Roll
  • Under Control Roll

    • 13.95

     Salmon, avocado & cucumber inside, tuna, salmon & avocado on top.

    Under Control Roll
  • Crazy Roll

    • 8.95

    Shrimp tempura, eel, cream cheese and avocado with eel sauce and spicy mayo.

    Crazy Roll
  • Ninja Roll

    • 12.95

    Tempura crab stick and cream cheese inside, eel, smoked salmon & avocado on top.

    Ninja Roll
  • Manhattan Sashimi Roll (No Rice)

    • 5pcs 11.00
    • 10pcs 19.00

    Spicy tuna, crunch, yellowtail, cucumber, field green and avocado wrapped with soy paper and topped with yuzy aioli.

    Manhattan Sashimi Roll (No Rice)
Chef’s Special Roll
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